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Your First Month in Your New Home


You've just bought your dream home: now what? Unpacking, celebrating and getting settled are obvious steps, but there are a few important details that get lost in the excitement of meeting your neighbors and throwing an open house for your friends and family.


  • Find the nearest emergency room and drive to it.
  • Enroll the kids at school, or find a new babysitter or daycare.
  • Create a home file for appliance manuals and start a record of upgrades.
  • Organize all the documentation for the purchase and store them in a safe place..
  • Get your car registration & driver's license changed. Sign up to vote.
  • Call the utilities and make sure they've got the right info. Hook up cable & internet.
  • Make a phone list of important emergency numbers for your fridge.
  • Sign up for the local newspapers and community mailings. 
  • Reread your homeowner's insurance; consider adding riders for earthquakes and flooding.
  • Get the locks changed. Don't forget sliding doors, the garage door and any outbuildings.
  • Set up the alarm system and change the code.
  • Find someone to give your moving boxes to so they can be reused. (Kay can help.)
  • Find a new dentist, doctor, and veterinarian before you need them.
  • Reinstate regular routines and activities as soon as possible to help kids settle in.
  • Update virtual phone numbers (like Vonage) with your new 911 address.
  • Check with the post office to see if any mail is being held for you.
  • If you own a buried oil tank, sign up for PLIA. (Call your oil company to find out how.)

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Kay: 206.200.5347 krigley@windermere.com | Shannon: 206.419.5332 slhill@windermere.com
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