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Kay Rigley & Shannon Hill Hanson
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How to Sell Your Home 

Engaging Your Agent
By law, real estate brokerage fees are negotiable. We ask that sellers budget 6% of the final purchase price for brokerage fees. After it leaves your pocket, that money usually gets split four ways. Half (3%) goes to the listing agent, who then splits it with his/her company according to their agreement, and half goes to the buyer's agent, who does the same. The money you pay us buys you expertise, a marketing package, my time and the time of my assistant, representation, strategic advice, price monitoring, transaction and listing management, and a better bottom line.

Our Services

  • our guarantees
  • our reputation in the brokerage community
  • marketing consultation and price analysis
  • custom marketing plan and calendar
  • signs and newspaper advertising buyer marketing pieces (fact sheets/flyers)
  • catered brokers' open houses, featured to brokers with custom invitations
  • assistance with preparation of all appropriate
  • Seller disclosure forms
  • public open houses according to our marketing plan
  • procurement and review of title report
  • advocacy with respect to removal/resolution of any clouds which appear on title
  • ongoing tracking of current market and competition
  • solicitation of feedback from every agent who previews or shows the property
  • weekly activity reports for you, detailing showings, previews and agent/buyer feedback
  • ongoing price and marketing strategizing
  • my advocacy and representation during contract negotiations and the transaction
  • access to legal contracts, forms, and documents prepared by real estate attorneys

Transaction Management

  • opening escrow
  • create transaction calendar for you
  • managing the inspection process
  • writing/negotiating any necessary addenda to the contract
  • handle any unexpected situations which arise during the course of the transaction
  • facilitate key exchanges
  • schedule and meet appraiser
  • track appraisal results
  • facilitate change of address & utilities
  • track escrow process and buyer's loan processes
  • ensure all contract deadlines are met
  • anticipate possible obstacles/issues and deal with them proactively
  • communicate updates on lender and escrow progress to you and other parties involved
  • coordinate final signing with escrow
  • coordinate possession

Pricing Your Home

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) When Kay first visits your home, she will give you a rough price range of your home's value. based on a comparison of recent home sales in the area with the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. After touring your home with you and getting details, Kay will complete a formal price analysis which she will discuss with you in a follow-up meeting.

Fair Market Value The goal of the CMA process is to determine your home's 'Fair Market Value.' This is an economic term in finance and real estate. In everyday words, it means the price of an item that a seller and a buyer would both agree to, assuming they both know the same things about the item and neither one is under any pressure to buy the item. Neither gets the better end of the deal.

Nationally, 45% of homes are sold at their fair market value. Sometimes, a seller might need to sell their home quickly because of a job transfer, divorce or similar; then the buyer might get lucky and pay less than the fair market value. Sometimes a buyer might have a lousy inspector who doesn't notice a problem; then the buyer pays more than the home is worth.

Overpricing Your Home Each neighborhood has an average amount of time that homes tend to stay on the market, which varies based on the price range and type of home. Real estate agents know this, and if a home is on the market longer than the average, agents suspect that there is a problem with the home and won't show it to their buyers. You want to sell your home while it is still 'fresh.'



Print Materials
  • one page flyer with pictures
  • multi-page brochure
  • buyer's booklet
  • home book
  • just listed and open house postcard
  • Seattle Times advertisement
  • broker's open invites
  • silent talkers (signs around home)
Online Materials
  • Northwest Multiple Listing Service
  • Windermere site listing
  • Windermere photo gallery
  • Craigslist advertisement
  • Seattle Times online ad
  • Featured on KayRigley.com
Marketing In Person
  • Windermere private agents' tour
  • Public open house
  • Broker's open house
  • Private showings
Explaining the Legal Forms

Single Agent Listing Agreement A contract between the agent, Kay Rigley, representing the company, Windermere, and the client(s). The document outlines the responsibilities and roles of the agent and clients.

Form 17: Seller's Disclosure Basically a checklist of the status of the home covering all of the systems, the building and the land itself. Client should fill it out to the best extent of his/her knowledge. If you're not sure about an answer, select unknown.

Lead Paint Disclosure Owner states, to the best of their knowledge, if the home contains lead paint. (If the home was built prior to 1978.)

Common Questions

Why choose Windermere over ABC Realty? A cut-rate realty can offer lower costs because they cut corners. Do the math: If you sell your house for $500,000 with ABC at 2% fees, you net $495k. Get 10% more using a full service company with connections & experience and pay the standard 6% fees; you net $517k. Don't trust the biggest financial transaction in your life to the real estate equivalent of 'Karl's Kut-Rate Kars.'

Does staging really matter? Yes. Research shows that it can raise a home's final sales price by 8%. Example: Pay $1500 up front to stage your $350,000 home. Sell it for $378k. Small investment = great returns.

Will it sell? It's a scary moment - your home is advertised everywhere and there are no offers on the table. Just remember that the home has already sold once - to you - and you saw the value in it. Someone else will too. Kay's job is to sell your home...and eleven years of happy clients have proved she can do it.

How can I get the best selling price possible? Selling a home is an art with lots of factors, from pricing (see how it works) to local market pressures to curbside appeal. As your real estate agent, it's my goal to get you the best price possible, but there's lots you can do to help. See getting the best price to learn more.

Kay: 206.200.5347 krigley@windermere.com | Shannon: 206.419.5332 slhill@windermere.com
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